COVID-19 Updates

Update from our Wiley, our publisher

Global distribution in the context of COVID-19 remains disrupted, however we have started distributing where we can, following government guidance and updates from our printers and distributors.

Most subscribers already have access to the journal online, and we’re working with our partners to ensure that subscribers who would normally only have access to print have a digital alternative.

It’s impossible to predict at this point how COVID-19 will further impact our ability to print and distribute journals. Whatever happens, our top priority is ensuring that our customers have access to the essential information that the Biometrics journal provides them.

We will keep you updated as the situation evolves.

Biometrics has a contingency plan in place to keep the journal's peer review smoothly running, even when key actors in the peer review process would be temporarily unavailable.

COVID-19 papers are given the speediest yet high-quality review possible.

Editor of Book Reviews

Brisa Sanchez

(to whom books for review should be sent)